Rinskor™ Active

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Sustainable, effective weed control for better harvests

Clean fields contribute to the production of abundant, healthy crops. When fewer weeds are allowed to thrive, more vital nutrients, water, oxygen and sunlight can reach crops, so they flourish into profitable, top-quality harvests. Weed management is a constant battle for farmers, made more challenging when key weed species develop resistance to commonly used herbicides. This is especially true in rice cultivation, where certain grasses have become increasingly difficult to control, threatening crop yield and quality.

Rinskor™ active, a molecule discovered by Corteva Agriscience, works differently from most other herbicides. When used as part of a program approach, it helps farmers control a broad spectrum of weeds, including resistant weeds, at very low use rates compared to other commonly used herbicides. Rinskor is a convenient choice for farmers and helps them minimize impact on the environment—and that’s good for the farmers themselves, consumers and communities. When they can manage weed threats in a sustainable way and improve their harvests, farmers are also strengthening the farm legacies they’ll pass to the next generation.

A new way to take on resistant weeds

Rinskor™ active is extremely effective on many broadleaf weeds, grasses and sedges because of its mode of action. Rinskor is an arylopicolinate herbicide, which is part of the synthetic auxins group. Synthetic auxins control weeds by regulating their growth. While some other herbicides are also synthetic auxins, Rinskor works in a distinct way, binding to specific receptors that other herbicides don’t. This is why it’s able to control weeds that have demonstrated resistance to other herbicides.


Award-winning environmental profile

Today’s herbicides are developed to have increasingly favorable environmental profiles, and Rinskor™ active is a prime example. It has a reduced environmental impact because it breaks down rapidly in soil, in water and in the tissue of tolerant plants, like rice. And farmers don’t have to use as much of this active ingredient to control weeds, compared to many other herbicides. Its ecological profile has earned Rinskor several international awards, including a Green Chemistry Challenge Award. It was also named the Best Sustainable Product of 2020 by the ICIS Innovation Awards and has been granted a residue tolerance exemption by the U.S. EPA in recognition of its nontoxic profile.

More convenient farm management

Products containing Rinskor™ active are very convenient to use on the farm. Because of the low use rates of Rinskor, farmers don’t need to handle as much product as with other herbicides. Plus, many products containing Rinskor can be tank-mixed with other commonly applied herbicides or treatments to minimize the need for multiple trips through the field. Rinskor also provides consistent weed control across variable conditions and management systems. In rice, it’s compatible with both japonica and indica rice types. With Rinskor, farmers can get reliably clean fields that contribute to better harvests.

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What Makes Rinskor™ Active Unique?

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Exceptionally low use rates

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While some herbicides used in rice must be applied at levels measured in kilograms per hectare, use rates for Rinskor are many times lower—just grams per hectare.* It’s effective at such low use rates because of how the molecule works and because of its well-designed formulations, including NeoECTM technology and OD types. These formulations have an adjuvant bu ilt in and use primarily bio-based solvents. This not only improves the environmental profile of Rinskor, but also helps weeds absorb the herbicide more efficiently.

Globally recognized sustainability profile

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Rinskor holds 93 registrations in 44 countries** and has been recognized with multiple awards worldwide for its favorable sustainability and ecological features. Products containing Rinskor have earned regulatory approval around the world based on efficacy, environmental profile and benefits for farmers and end users.

A different option for resistant weeds

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Rinskor is effective against broadleaf weeds, grasses and sedges, including many weeds that have developed resistance to other commonly used herbicidal modes of action including ALS, ACCase and others. This makes Rinskor a powerful alternative to other synthetic auxin herbicides and a good addition to a program approach to reduce resistance and help keep other herbicides effective for the long term.

Fewer weeds for more abundant harvests

Weed pressure is always changing, so farmers need new and better ways to stay ahead in order to produce the best-quality, most abundant harvest possible. A product that effectively controls weeds is only part of the solution, however. Farmers also need the best tools to prevent the development of resistance and control weeds with minimal impact to the environment. Rinskor™ active gives farmers a new option for their weed control programs—one that works on many resistant weeds and has a highly favorable environmental profile.


Designed for reduced environmental impact

Sustainability is always a priority in the development of crop protection products at Corteva Agriscience. Ingredients and products are carefully evaluated for multiple sustainability criteria, and we believe in setting a high bar for every product. Even considering these rigorous standards, Rinskor™ active stands out as one of the most sustainable products in the Corteva crop protection portfolio.

With exceptionally low use rates, farmers can apply just grams of Rinskor to their crops and achieve control over a broad spectrum of yield-robbing weeds. It’s considered nontoxic and breaks down quickly in the environment, minimizing impact to soil and water, and virtually eliminating concerns about residues. Its industry-leading NeoEC™ technology and OD formulations rely primarily on bio-based solvents, which don’t pose any threat to the environment. Rinskor demonstrates that with sustainable innovations, farmers can enjoy exceptional weed control and abundant harvests, while caring for the land they’re building into a legacy for the next generation.

Our Innovation

RinskorTM active has many characteristics that contribute to Corteva’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture.

Registrations of products with Rinskor for use on multiple types of crops are currently being sought in several countries. Check with your local regulatory agency to determine if this product is registered for sale or use in your state or country. This is not an offer for sale.

*Use rates vary depending on use patterns and target weed species. Always follow label and use directions.

**As of August 1, 2022.