Rinskor™ Active: Broad Spectrum Herbicide for Diverse Crops

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Across many different crops and landscapes, all farmers share the goal of protecting their yields to produce a profitable harvest. When farmers can gain the upper hand over weeds, and do so with herbicides that have a favorable environmental profile, they’re able to protect both this year’s harvest and their long-term legacy.

Farmers need options like Rinskor™ active, which is effective on a broad spectrum of weeds—including weeds resistant to other herbicides—and works at an exceptionally low use rate. This versatile herbicide is finding a home in more crops and landscapes, including rangeland and waterway management. Many of these uses have been recently approved in select countries, with several additional country approvals expected soon, pending regulatory review. As more uses are registered, farmers can have expanded choices, for controlling weeds, growing a better crop and caring for the land for the next generation.


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