Farming for the Future


Read Queen’s Story:

“Here in my village, we are all farmers. When I was a child, my family had very little money. I went to school with no shoes and I never had breakfast. I really thank God there has been a big change.

In the past, I used to harvest seven bags per acre, but since I received training and have been using good quality seeds, I now get 23 to 25 bags.”

At Corteva Tanzania, we collaborate with USAID. The training that we give our farmers helps them to move from small-scale farming to large-scale farming.

We estimate that roughly sixty percent of Tanzanians, in one way or another, are engaged in agriculture. Imagine the effect that it can have on the 600,000 farmers that we target, when we have a champion like Queen, inspiring her peer farmers.

“If one farmer improves their economic state, then the entire country’s economy improves. I feel so much pride because it has brought a lot of change to my community that I grew up in.

When we partner Corteva resources with those of USAID, with public investment of Tanzania, these are fundamental ingredients to self-reliance.

Since this project began, the changes have been tremendous. The income I earn pays for my children’s school fees. I now believe that my children will have a very good life.”


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