For the Love of Food

For the Love of Food

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“Oh my goodness, I love food. I love gathering around food, I love cooking food. I think it’s really important socially; It has more meaning than that...yep.

I work at the Global Business Center in Johnson, Iowa. I’m just one of 20,000 global Corteva employees...who are all here to try and have a positive impact on agriculture and the food system. We work with colleagues all across the business to come up with solutions to problems that our growers are facing.

Asian soybean rust is really devastating to farmers in Brazil. You can have up to 90 percent yield loss. We’re all trying to come up with multiple lines of defense against the pathogen. We want to provide products that can still be high yielding in those situations.

There are so many experts here. I actually have a list! We have biologists, molecular biologists, protein biologists, agronomists, statisticians. We have crop growth modelers, computer programmers, pathologists and entomologists and tissue culture specialists. I could go on and on.

The cool thing about working in agriculture is that it’s one of the oldest industries that exists. Farmers have had to adapt and innovate throughout time. When I actually think that, the technology that I work on, is helping us produce more on less land. We’re seven times more productive today than we were 90 years ago. That’s incredible! One bushel difference per acre is enormous to a farmer’s bottom line. Farmers don’t rest so neither should we. You love coming to work every day to just move the needle a little further forward.”

For the Love of Food

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