Food by Prescription

Food by Prescription

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“2005 is when I found I was HIV Positive. AMPATH is the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare. Giving medicines alone without looking at the other needs of our patients was not enough. The work with AMPATH and Corteva is more than just treating a symptom or a disease. We usually provide the seed and we teach them techniques for planting and the benefits of using that seed.

Health and food security are intricately intertwined. One depends on the other. There is heightened interest of organizations to come in and assist us and charter that road that we are trying to go on. Food and nutrition security are at the top of the agenda, so we have to adapt in order for us to remain competitively ahead.

With the support and the training that we have had, it has actually increased our productivity from 10 bags per acre to 25 bags. My work is making sure that people are getting the food they need and that’s enabling children to go to school and that we’re all moving to the next level together. We are actually treating the cause and creating sustainable future for our people in Kenya."

Food By Prescription

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