Blog •  6/22/2017

How Farmers Keep Food Prices Low

Written By Jenn Rasmussen 
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There are many misconceptions between the consumer and the farmer when it comes to food. Mainly, there is a disconnect between farmers and shoppers. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn where food comes from and the steps taken to make it purchase-ready.

The connection
The connection between technology, pricing and the consumer can sometimes be difficult to trace back to the farmer, but there are many things we may not relate technology to in food production. Here are a few ways technology helps farmers grow sustainable and cost-effective crops:

Less price fluctuation
The cost of producing products that are less advanced technologically is much higher than those that do not need help growing. Technologically advanced crops will require less added plant health applications because they already are resistant to pests.

Expanded seasonality
Technology and good plant health allow us to purchase and consume foods year-round that may not be growing or grown in your area. Plants can be grown in areas that may not be as hot or receive as much rain as the areas certain foods are native to because of technology advancements.

Bigger selection
We can choose between many different varieties of the same product because technology provides us with more options. Who knew there were so many kinds of apples?!

Increased competition
Many food companies are involved in the technological advancements of food products, making them more competitive in the market. By producing higher-quality foods, the prices may stay lower to ensure each company stays competitive.

The value
I grew up on a family farm with my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and sister. The amount of work that goes in to producing food products for consumers is astronomical. A farmer’s crops are cared and grown with love and dedication.

The solution
Technological advancements are helping farmers produce more food in less time. So ask a farmer where food comes from and see the passion they have for producing sustainable food and finding ways to improve what they do every day.