How farmers use technology to make tastier tacos

Written By Roger Theisen 
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Two Tacos and Two Salsas on a Brightly Colored Background

The phrase “make good choices” comes with a lot of pressure for farmers. And I get it. As a son and brother of farmers, I know the choices they make impact every bite of food we eat. The pressure farmers face is real, and their choices impact us all. But it’s comforting to know they have access to ever-improving tools and technologies to help lessen their burden while feeding our families.

Let’s explore how agricultural innovation elevates the ingredients in a family favorite — tacos.

The basis of every great taco is a tortilla

Any taco lover knows that a good tortilla is essential. With new tools and technologies, farmers can grow a high-yielding white corn, which makes it easier for food companies to make more tortillas from corn grown on fewer acres. That tortilla is then fried in an oil that is both tasty and more nutritious. The oil comes from the seed of plants that were bred together, so people eat more “good fats” and less “bad fats.” Healthy, sustainable and delicious food? Yes, please.

Making tastier taco meat

No matter if you prefer beef, pork or chicken, the feed the animals eat comes from seeds developed through science that provides the animal with optimum nutrition to grow healthy (and delicious!).

Agricultural technology helps with veggies too

With the latest innovation in crop protection, the vegetables on your tacos can grow without the threat of pests and weeds, ensuring an ample supply of high-quality food.

Is a taco a taco without a sprinkle of cheese or dollop of sour cream?

You can thank agricultural innovation for high-quality dairy, too. Dairy cows eat a diet high in silage — a feed ingredient made from the corn plant. When farmers ferment the corn plant for animal feed, a bacteria-based product called an inoculate helps ensure the feed is nutritious and easy for the cows to digest, leading to better dairy products for you and your family.

Just like having a smartphone makes your life easier, innovation on the farm makes growing food easier for farmers and more delicious, healthy and safe for you. The next time you’re enjoying “Taco Tuesday,” know there are farmers who are making the best choices they can, with the help of technology. And, chances are, they like tacos, too.

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