Plate-Wise •  7/1/2021

Plate-Wise’s greatest hits: Our most-read blogs

Written By Mandy Wiley 
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Five images of the best blogs from Plate-Wise. Blogs cover GMO topics, healthy eating and home gardening.

Our scientist-parent bloggers’ insights about our food and how it is grown really resonates with moms globally. Our readership has grown to more than 1.5 million people worldwide! And while all our posts attracted your attention, some really stood out. So, for your reading pleasure, we’re counting down Plate-Wise’s top-five most-read posts.

5. Are GMOs safe to eat? By David Pinzon

In this piece, David — a scientist with a doctorate in plant biology, regulatory affairs leader and dad of two — discusses why parents shouldn’t fear GMOs.

Read Are GMOs safe to eat?

4. GMOS: What they are and why they’re important. By Jeanne Tuttle

Jeanne, a marketing manager with years of knowledge and experience in seeds, explains in layman’s terms what GMOs are and why they are an important addition to our food supply.

Read GMOs: What they are and why they’re important.

3. The green benefits of conventional food. By the Plate-Wise Editorial Team

Here, the Plate-Wise editorial team, composed of scientists and writers, combines expertise to outline the nutritional and environmental benefits of conventionally grown crops.

Read The green benefits of conventional food.

2. GMOs: The biggest mistake scientists made. By David Pinzon

Scientist and dad David tells how scientists could have better educated the public about GMOs, improving understanding and reducing the fear associated with these healthy, nutritious and tasty crops.

Read GMOs: The biggest mistake scientists made.

1. How to compost your garden. By Wendy Srnic

We obviously have a number of keen gardeners among our readers, as the No. 1 position was Wendy Srnic’s informative piece on how to compost your garden. And, let’s face it, if anyone knows how to take care of gardens, it’s Wendy! Wendy not only has a doctorate in crop science but also she is an avid gardener, with a mountain of great tips to share on how she grows fresh fruit and veggies for her family.

Read How to compost your garden.

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