What is Plate-Wise: Real Food Talk

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Sometimes you just need a resource to give you the facts — no fluff. Especially when it comes to food, because your family’s health is not up for debate. We understand this. Why? Outside of our everyday jobs as scientists, agriculture professionals, chefs, advocates for food science and farmers, we are parents. In fact, it’s our most important job. We’ve had to make the same food decisions you’re faced with daily. So, let us share insights we’ve learned along the way.

We’re not here to convince you that certain foods are good or bad for you. We’re only here to equip you with the information you need to make food choices without hesitation. No family is the same, and there is no rule book. But there is a way to use trusted resources to gain insights on today’s leading food topics. Ones that can shed light on the changing landscape that is food.

What do we talk about exactly? We discuss the myths around GMOs, how pesticides work, what to expect from the next superfood, organic versus all-natural, navigating food labels, the meaning of processed foods, modern ag tech, getting your kids involved and much more. Any trending topic you’re seeing in the media, we will likely cover.

Food may be a basic human need, but the concerns surrounding it are far from simple. That’s where Plate-Wise can help. We want to take the stress of making tough food decisions off your plate. We will work hard to grow your confidence by giving you the knowledge to make informed choices (not our opinions). Real people. Real talk. That’s our motto.