Climate Positive Commitment

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What is Climate Positive?

We believe climate positive agriculture transforms farming systems to be more resilient against the impacts of extreme weather, shifting rainfall patterns, and increased pest and disease pressure while protecting our natural resources. Farmers need tools and resources based on the latest science and technology to feed and fuel the world while minimizing environmental impacts. Through sustainable innovation, a focus on biodiversity and regenerative agriculture, and measurable efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we can make strides toward a more climate positive, sustainable agriculture industry for generations to come.

Advancing Climate Positive Agriculture

Every day, farmers and the entire agriculture industry face the impacts of climate change. From extreme weather events and wildfires to plant and animal habitats, the effects are clearly present. But we know there is a way forward – with climate positive agriculture. We can achieve sustainable climate action today, reducing greenhouse gases while nourishing the soil and protecting the water, and without sacrificing on-farm productivity or profitability. Farmers and ranchers can remove carbon from the air while securing the economic future for the vast majority of the world’s population. Farmers like you are the ones making this happen.

Putting Farmers First

Introducing the Leaders in Climate Positive Agriculture


Farmers are the original stewards of the land. They are on the front line of climate change impacts. We created a program to recognize farmers around the world who have adopted climate positive agriculture practices on their farms. These are the farmers planting the seeds for a sustainable future.

Rewarding Innovation

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The agriculture industry can be stronger if given the flexibility and incentives to adopt agronomic practices that can help us get to climate positive. By simplifying the path to profitability, we are supporting farmers and ranchers who implement new climate positive or regenerative practices, inspiring others to broadly adopt climate positive agriculture.

We’re Going All In

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Corteva is built on a belief in partnering with farmers. We're committed to delivering innovative solutions and are eager to walk alongside climate positive farmers and ranchers around the globe to make sequestering carbon more productive and profitable for everyone involved. In doing so, we'll help catalyze a movement that ushers in a new era of agriculture that supports international net-zero by 2050 targets.