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2022 Nominations Extended to January 30, 2023

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Farmers are leading the way in sustainable agriculture

Farmers around the globe are leading the way in scaling sustainable practices that can help to improve the land and environment. We’re here to highlight early adopters, and to help share those practices with others around the globe. Together, we can make climate positive agriculture productive, profitable, environmentally beneficial, and equitable.

Finding the 2022 Leaders in Climate Positive Agriculture

Corteva’s 2022 Climate Positive Leaders Program is a nomination-based recognition program designed to showcase early adopter producers who are successfully implementing, scaling and sharing climate positive practices. The program gives global and regional recipients opportunities to broadly share their experiences and accelerate the adoption of climate positive practices. The nomination window has been extended to January 30, 2023 at 11:59pm CST.

Meet our 2021 Winners

Here are the Leaders in Climate Positive Agriculture

Kristjan Hebert, Canada

Kristjan Hebert, Canada

Nominated by Jay Nauta, Corteva

Read about climate-positive leader Hebert

Felix Kili, Kenya

Felix Kili, Kenya

Nominated by Kiruaye Humphrey, Pioneer

Read about climate-positive leader Kili

Charles Peeters, Brazil

Charles Peeters, Brazil

Nominated by Pedro Freitas, EMBRAPA

Read about climate-positive leader Peeters

Abilio Pacheco, Brazil

Abilio Pacheco, Brazil

Nominated by Marcílio José Thomazini, EMBRAPA

Read about climate-positive leader Pacheco

Jake Ryan, Australia

Jake Ryan, Australia

Nominated by Danielle Park, AUSVEG

Read about climate-positive leader Ryan

Bill Couser, United States

Bill Couser, United States

Nominated by Cora Fox, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

Read about climate-positive leader Couser

Ryan Speer, United States

Ryan Speer, United States

Nominated by Gary Hill, Corteva

Read about climate-positive leader Speer

Brad Clark

Brad Clark, United States

Nominated by Adam Kramer, Black Sand Granary and Growers United

Read about climate-positive leader Clark

Harold Grall, United States

Harold Grall, United States

Nominated by Russell French, Pioneer

Read about climate-positive leader Grall

Here are the Runners Up and our Judges

The Runners Up

Berny Dirven, Canada

Nominated by Marc Maisonneuve, Corteva

“Berny has always had a big-picture approach to farming. He knew where he was going with the farm and always had an idea of crop rotations and minimizing the impact on the land and managing water.”

Chris and Ray Gaesser, United States
Nominated by Ken Moore and Marshall McDaniel, Iowa State University, and Joe Hopper, Iowa Soybean Association

“The Gaessers are instrumental in championing climate positive practices in Iowa, nationally, and globally.”

Michael Gooden, Australia
Nominated by Peter Dorsett, Nutrien

“Michael has implemented climate positive practices in his integrated crop and livestock operation and has shared his learnings with other farmers in his community and region”

Ian Kruger, Kenya

Nominated by Wilson Seroney, Corteva

“Ian is a leader for our region in helping to bring advanced technology, equipment, and technical knowledge to help many small-scale farmers in their operations.”

Shane and Sharni Radford, Australia
Nominated by Danielle Park, AUSVEG

“…involved in training the next generation of people… They are very proactive in being involved in programs each one to share what they have learned with others.”

Laura Vicentini, Brazil
Nominated by Juliana Farinelli, Agroverde Consultoria

“…dedicated to helping women farmers through her discussion groups.”


The Judges

  • Dr Ramble Ankumah, PhD, Prof of Soil Science & Assoc Dean of College of Ag at Tuskegee University
  • Julie Borlaug, President of the Borlaug Foundation, Council of Advisors for WFP
  • Maria ‘Pilu’ Giraudo, Honorable President of AAPRESID
  • Dr Nick Goeser, Current Founder & Principal of Craigson Innovation Group, Former CEO of American Society of Agronomy
  • Dr Mary Gumz, Agronomy Manager, Eastern Cornbelt at Corteva
  • Cees Jan Hollander, Global Farming Expertise Manager at Danone
  • Dr Brent Myers, Research Laureate & Environment and Ag Systems Data Science Leader at Corteva

The Complete Benefits Package

9 Winners

  • Lifetime membership in the Global Farmer Network
  • Engagement with other early adopters and Global Farmer Network leaders
  • Leadership and communications training to support farmers as they share their experiences, including:
    • Participation in an upcoming Global Farmer Network Roundtable & Leadership Training program
    • Support in development of a personal virtual farm tour to communicate their climate positive journey
  • Soil sampling, carbon sequestration measurement, and guidance from Dr. Rattan Lal and team at the CMSAC
  • Interaction with business, research, agronomy, and agriculture leaders plus the opportunity to share success across Corteva's global platform

7 Runners Up

  • Soil sampling, carbon sequestration measurement, and guidance from Dr. Rattan Lal and team at the CMSAC
  • Interaction with business, research, agronomy, and agriculture leaders plus the opportunity to share success across Corteva's global platform


“The Climate Positive Leaders Program will help me to communicate to other farmers that climate positive practices are for the betterment of agriculture and the environment.”

Jake Ryan, winner


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