Abilio Pacheco, Brazil

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Nominated by Marcílio José Thomazini, EMBRAPA

Abilio_Pacheco“The Climate Positive Leaders Program provides a rich environment for the exchange of experience and contributes to a greater dissemination of climate-positive practices for rural producers engaged in this work.”

Climate Positive Practices

Abilio Pacheco is a farmer and forestry researcher in Cachoeira Dourada, Goiás State, Brazil who has implemented an integrated crop, livestock and forestry system to produce soybeans, corn, millet, eucalyptus trees, grass and beef cattle. The crop-livestock-forest (ICLF) integration system integrates the intercropping of eucalyptus trees, soybeans, corn or millet agricultural crops, forage crops, and beef cattle. The system returns numerous benefits, including direct seeding with straw and special seeding equipment, reduced soil compaction and erosion, minimized disease, pest and weed loads, improved water retention and air quality.

As a result of his work with the ICLF system, it has been accepted as a Technological Reference Unit within EMBRAPA Sustainability, the local universities, and several grower associations. Over the past 14 years, 79 technical-scientific publications and 153 technology transfer actions have been compiled, which have contributed to the increased adoption of the ICLF system on several Brazilian rural properties. Abilio has also worked with smallholder farmers in Brazil to implement smaller versions of the ICLF system.