Agriculture at The Crossroads

By 2050, the earth’s population will reach almost 10 billion people, and their appetite for quality, nutritious food will grow even quicker. Yet the amount of arable land will decline by almost 10 percent as the quality of soil degrades and the forces of urbanization push ever outward. A changing climate adds further stress. 

Those of us with a stake in the future of agriculture are well aware that we have reached a crossroads, an inflection point, in our efforts to meet the challenges of feeding an ever-hungrier world. Can we increase agricultural yield and food security while farming sustainably? Can technology help meet the demands of consumers around the world for higher quality, safer food? Can we improve the economic conditions of farmers and farm workers? 

We believe strongly that the answer to all these questions is yes. But addressing and overcoming these challenges will require that everyone with a stake in solving these problems—farmers, agricultural companies, food manufacturers, governments, non-governmental organizations, and everyday people—learn to work together to bring about the progress in farming practices, policies and technologies that the world so desperately needs. 

Agriculture is at a crossroads and we hope to contribute to the dialogue about these critical issues. Our goal is to provide an open, informative, balanced view of both the challenges facing the global agricultural industry and the many ways they are being met. 

In the coming months, you will find a variety of content—articles, videos, infographics and more—covering topics as varied as the interconnected global food chain, the search for food security and safety, innovation in technology and farming practices, farming at the local level, and more. 

We want to reach—and provide a platform for—every stakeholder in the future of agriculture. Farmers large and small, agricultural suppliers, food manufacturers, and policymakers, to be sure, but also non-governmental organizations and consumers who are increasingly curious about where their food comes from and what goes into producing it. In short, everyone who works in the soil, those who derive sustenance from their noble work, and everyone in between.

We believe that success in feeding the world will require the willing, informed partnership of everyone involved in this mission. For us, the term “crossroads” isn’t just about the challenges we face. It’s about providing room for the intersection of all the players in the industry of agriculture. 

Our goal is to help inform the discussion about the future of agriculture. But in doing so, we also want to listen to you, to hear your voices, your concerns, your needs. That, we believe, is the only way to connect the grower in the field with the family at the table and everyone in between. We’ll meet the challenge of feeding the world over the next several decades, but to do so we need to draw the world of agriculture closer together. At Corteva Agriscience™, we believe in growing progress, and we believe we all have a role to play.

Thank you,