Adavelt™ Active


A New Fungicide Inspired by Nature

The world can be a beautiful and wondrous place. Nowhere is that more visible than in agriculture, where farmers work alongside Mother Nature to carve out a life for all of us. However, diseases are always present and threaten to render crops unharvestable or unmarketable. Damage from fungi and other pathogens can affect the yield and quality of many row crops. These pathogens can also impact the appearance, taste, and even the freshness lifespan of some of our favorite fruits and vegetables.

Farmers often find themselves in a never-ending game of chess, making moves to stay ahead of these pathogens’ evolutionary ability to develop resistance.

Adavelt™ active is a new tool to help farmers devise a winning strategy against this ever-changing challenge. Inspired by a naturally occurring fungicide, Adavelt was developed to provide control of many diseases in multiple crops.

Scientific Breakthroughs

The idea behind Adavelt™ active began with the discovery of a naturally occurring fungicide found in soil microbes that scientists dubbed UK-2A. From there, Corteva Agriscience set to work making improvements and ultimately bringing to market Inatreq™ active, a naturally derived fungicide for cereal and banana crops. Researchers at Corteva then saw even more potential and turned their attention to designing a product that could expand fungicide options for farmers. The result was Adavelt, a novel fungicide with a broad spectrum and excellent efficacy. Adavelt represents a breakthrough in fungicides that gives farmers more flexibility and outstanding defense against more than 20 diseases in more than 30 crops.

Reducing Resistance Risks

A new fungicide option like Adavelt™ active is critical for farmers who rely on fungicide products to reduce disease and prevent pathogen resistance in the field. Just as some human diseases have become resistant to antibiotics, some crop diseases have developed resistance to commonly used fungicides. Farmers can reduce the potential for resistance developing by rotating the use of different products for the control of diseases. The more choices farmers have, the more they can rotate. This rotation helps to maintain the efficacy of all available fungicides. Adavelt is especially useful in reducing resistance potential because it is a new mode of action against diseases in most of the crops where it may be utilized.


Healthier Crops: More to Harvest, More to Eat

Adavelt™ active works against pathogens in two ways: It helps prevent fungal diseases from infecting crops and, when used in early stages of infection, can provide curative control. Adavelt delivers excellent control of key diseases at lower use rates than other fungicides and can help farmers produce a healthy crop, so less food is lost to disease in the field and more makes it into our supermarkets.

These comparison photos from field trials show how Adavelt protects produce from fungal disease damage.

The novel mode of action of Adavelt is a new cornerstone for disease management programs, designed to maximize yield potential and marketability.

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What Makes Adavelt™ Active Unique?

Read the Technical Bulletin for more details about the unique features of Adavelt and how it contributes to more abundant and healthier crops.

Broad spectrum

Broad spectrum

Adavelt™ active (florylpicoxamid) works on more than 30 crops including cereals, vines, fruits and vegetables. It protects both yield and quality of crops by controlling a wide range of fungal pathogens, including Septoria spp, powdery mildews, Botrytis spp, Anthracnose, Alternaria and Monilinia.

Preventive and curative

Preventive and curative

Adavelt prevents fungal spore germination on leaves, stopping diseases from establishing in a field. When used at early stages of disease, Adavelt can be curative, stopping fungal growth so plants can continue healthy development.

Brand-new mode of action

Brand-new mode of action

Adavelt works on a novel target site in fungal pathogens. Adavelt does not demonstrate any known cross-resistance with other widely used fungicides. This makes Adavelt an effective rotation partner in an Integrated Pest Management strategy and an excellent option to replace existing products that are losing effectiveness due to resistance.

A New Tool for a Winning Strategy in the Field

Crop diseases are among the most formidable challenges farmers face. In all crops, diseases threaten to damage the current harvest and in perennials, diseases can also make plants less resilient in subsequent seasons. Farmers look to a variety of solutions including fungicides like Adavelt™ active, to keep them productive and profitable.


Sustainability: Healthier Crops and Less Waste

By controlling a broad range of diseases, Adavelt™ active helps farmers do some of their most important work: improving the quality and quantity of their harvests while minimizing impact on the land. Because it works in a new way, Adavelt is an ideal partner in a farmer’s fungicide program. It is designed to be utilized at lower use rates than other fungicides and rotated with other products to reduce the risks of pathogen resistance. Adavelt also has a favorable safety profile and has been shown to have minimal impact on non-target organisms and the environment. It has a very low toxicity to birds, honeybees and earthworms.


Adavelt has many characteristics consistent with Corteva’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture, including increasing the productivity, incomes, and sustainable practices of farmers and increasing access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food.

Registration of products with Adavelt active are currently being sought in several countries. This is not an offer for sale.