How Does Adavelt™ Active Work Against Fungal Pathogens?

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Adavelt™ active is built on the discovery of Inatreq™ active, a fungicide from a natural origin with proven effectiveness in cereals and banana. Using Inatreq as inspiration, researchers at Corteva Agriscience recognized the potential to develop a novel active ingredient that could do even more—protecting more crops and controlling more diseases.

Adavelt works against the Ascomycetes family of fungal pathogens, which includes some of the most significant and damaging diseases in crops, like anthracnose, powdery mildews, Septoria spp. and Botrytis spp. These diseases tend to be difficult to control and many are demonstrating increased resistance to other fungicide products.

Adavelt is the only picolinamide fungicide anticipated to be approved for use on a broad range of crops across many countries. It works by binding to a different site in fungal pathogens than other fungicides. Adavelt is primarily a preventive treatment: It stops spores from germinating on leaf surfaces. However, when used at early stages of fungal infection, Adavelt also has curative properties. It stops the growth of mycelia in the fungus, halting spread in the plant. It also reduces the development of viable pycnidiospores that can spread to adjacent plants.

Adavelt works quickly, with effects visible at the microscopic level just a day after application. It’s currently in the process of being registered for use in a broad range of more than 30 crops, including fruits and nuts, fruiting vegetables and row crops.

Because of its totally new mode of action in key crops, Adavelt shows no crossresistance with other fungicides that work against Ascomycetes pathogens, making it an effective rotation partner. Its profile also makes it very compatible with other products. By adding Adavelt to approved tank mix partners, farmers can simplify their fungal control programs and reduce resistance risks, to protect the yield and quality of their crops now and for future seasons.

Preventive activity (Zymoseptoria tritici)


Curative activity (Zymoseptoria tritici)


Adavelt has preventive and curative properties against fungal diseases, acting on a specific site in fungal pathogens to stop spores from forming, germinating and spreading.

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Registrations for products containing Adavelt have not yet received regulatory approvals; approvals are pending. The information presented here is not an offer for sale.