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Protecting a Productive Farm Future

Farming is a business of eternal optimism. Each new season is a chance to improve, and farmers are forever facing forward. Yet as their eyes are trained on what comes next, they are also forging legacies—proud histories of caring for the land, growing food the world depends on and creating better opportunities for their families. This is a future worth protecting.

Crop diseases can threaten that future and jeopardize harvests that help farmers build profitable operations over time. In cereals—crops that provide foundational nutrition all over the planet—diseases including Septoria, rusts and many other pathogens assault fields in multiple waves. Farmers have to be diligent to control these diseases before they damage leaves and decimate yield. On banana plantations, growers face a similar threat, where black Sigatoka threatens the yield and quality of this high-value crop people around the world have come to enjoy.

Fungal diseases like these are difficult to control and fast spreading. Protecting a field often requires multiple applications of fungicides, timed to suppress the microscopic spores that can quickly re-start the disease cycle, spread by drops of rain and gusts of wind. Many existing fungicide options now demonstrate resistance to common fungal diseases, too, and products farmers used to rely on are less available in many areas due to shifts in the regulatory environment and food chain demands.

New options to control fungal diseases are critical to protecting not only a season’s harvest, but the future potential of cereal farms and banana plantations. Inatreq™ active presents a new choice for farmers against diseases that threaten wheat, rye, triticale and banana yields. Inatreq comes from a natural source and works in a unique way, providing the kind of long-lasting protection farmers need for a successful farm future.

Persistent Protection

Each year, the world produces around 760 million tons of wheat. Processed into flour, it comprises the largest source of plant-based protein in our diets1—giving us the bread for our sandwiches, the crackers for our snack plates and the spaghetti for our meatballs. Wheat is a global commodity, and world events from natural disasters to politics can influence supply. Many countries are looking to ensure a more consistent supply, which will require making existing farmland more productive and better protected against diseases. Inatreq™ active is an important contributor to these goals because it controls all strains of Septoria —the most destructive disease in wheat. It works to both prevent infection and help keep disease from establishing in the plant during the first few days after infection. Preventive action lasts 4 to 6 weeks and the use of Inatreq results in measurable improvements in grain yield. In banana, Inatreq also offers excellent protection, giving growers greater peace of mind in the quantity and quality of their harvests.

Whole New Way of Working

Inatreq™ active works on a unique site in fungi—the first new target site for use in wheat and bananas in over 15 years. That’s important because many other commonly used fungicide groups have demonstrated at least some level of resistance to the main diseases in these crops. Inatreq is highly effective at controlling disease because it works at a new target site on the pathogen— one that it hasn’t been exposed to before. To maintain its efficacy and prevent resistance development, Inatreq is used with other fungicide modes of action in a program approach.* In cereals, the unique action of Inatreq is complemented by an innovative formulation that uses i-Q4™ technology, which improves the way an active ingredient spreads and is absorbed on the leaf, providing longer-lasting protection with lower amounts of product and no run-off. Inatreq is so innovative, it was named Best New Crop Protection Product in 2021 by the Crop Science Forum.

Higher Yield, Better Harvest

All crops go through a period of natural senescence—a deterioration of performance due to aging of the plant. Generally, the longer a plant can remain green and hold back senescence, the more productive the plant can be—producing more and better harvests, including heavier grain and higher-quality fruit. Fungal diseases speed up the senescence process. By keeping key fungal diseases at bay, Inatreq™ active helps keep plants productive for longer, resulting in improved yield. Studies of Inatreq in wheat have demonstrated boosts in yield.2 In banana, Inatreq protects not only yield, but quality, which is vital for ensuring export and helping farmers get the best price for their harvest.

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What Makes Inatreq™ Active Unique?

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Reliable disease control

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Inatreq™ active works to control fungal diseases only when it comes into contact with fungal spores. If Inatreq is applied preventively, so no fungal disease is present, the active ingredient waits in the waxy surface of plant leaves, in a way like it’s standing guard. When fungal spores contact the leaf surface, Inatreq is activated by fungal enzymes and stops spores from spreading. This preventive effect lasts up to six weeks. However, sometimes fungal disease can spread without farmers knowing. Plants can be infected with Septoria for nearly a month before any symptoms are visible. If the fungus is recently established inside the plant, Inatreq goes to work almost immediately. In Septoria, curative control happens within just 30 minutes of application. Inatreq can also control disease even if the disease has been established in the plant for as long as 7 days. 








I-Q4™ technology

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This patented formulation technology optimizes the performance of Inatreq, enabling it to spread across leaves and stay put, even when exposed to rain. With i-Q4™ technology, Inatreq achieves nearly 100 percent leaf coverage. In the leaf waxes, Inatreq acts as a reservoir that gradually drip feeds the active ingredient into the deeper leaf layers. This makes Inatreq rainfast and ensures long-lasting performance, so farmers can have more flexibility in applying fungicide and more consistent results. For other fungicides approved for tank-mixing with Inatreq, this technology improves distribution on the leaf surface, improving performance of those products.

New activity against tough diseases


Fungal diseases like Septoria in cereals and black Sigatoka in banana are showing increased resistance to commonly used fungicides. Adding to the challenge, in some parts of the world, fungicide options are becoming more limited due to regulatory and marketplace requirements. Inatreq inhibits fungal cell respiration at a unique target site so that the disease cannot produce energy and grow. This unique target site of action means there’s no cross resistance with existing fungicide groups used in cereal and banana. In order to further protect against resistance, uses per season are limited.*








Innovation That Protects Crops and Farming

Inatreq™ active presents a new and innovative solution for farmers who need flexible, effective options to control damaging fungal diseases in their cereal and banana crops. This award-winning,3 naturally inspired fungicide helps farmers protect the key crops we all depend on, and the livelihoods they love.


Innovations Inspired by Nature

Inatreq™ active introduces smart scientific innovations that help farmers grow more productive cereal crops through reliable disease control. Inatreq is based on a natural substance manufactured through fermentation that provides a new site of action for disease control which differs from other fungicides used in cereals. Through an ingenious single step change in its chemistry, the natural substance is converted into Inatreq, which doesn’t degrade as quickly, making it easier for farmers to use in the field. When required to control fungal diseases, Inatreq converts back exactly to the natural substance. Additionally, Inatreq’s novel i-Q4™ formulation maximizes retention, spread, penetration and uptake of the active ingredient so the product goes exactly where it is needed. This helps farmers decrease their costs and reduce chemical loading in the environment while providing a new target site to control pathogens with resistance to other modes of action. Naturally derived Inatreq gives farmers an option for maximizing yield and reliable grain production while improving sustainability.

Our Innovation

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2 Corteva Agriscience. Data on file.

3 Best New Crop Protection Product, Crop Science Forum, 2021.

* Number of uses varies by crop. Always read and follow label directions and use products in accordance with local regulatory guidelines.

Kyventiq™ fungicide is not approved for sale or use in all states or countries. Contact your local regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area.

Inatreq has many characteristics that contribute to Corteva’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture.