Inatreq™ Active : Internationally Honored Disease Protection

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From the time it was first introduced in 2018, Inatreq™ active fungicide from Corteva Agriscience has made an impression on farmers and the ag industry. As a new active ingredient, in a new class of chemistry, with a new site of action, it became a noteworthy addition to farmers’ disease control programs. It also impressed the judges at the Crop Science Forum, who named it Best New Crop Protection Product in 2021. This prestigious global industry award recognizes the best-in-class innovations each year among agrochemical, agbiotech and biopesticide products.

While we don’t have the judges’ comments to know exactly why they chose Inatreq over other fungicide, insecticide and trait products that were nominated that year, our award entry certainly supplies some clues. These characteristics aren’t about winning awards, of course, however, they’re among the many reasons why farmers are choosing Inatreq to protect their crops.

Inatreq™ active delivers a new option

Inatreq™ active is the first active ingredient in a new class of fungicides that works on a unique site in fungi. It offers the first novel target site of action in wheat and banana in 15 years. This makes Inatreq an important tool in maintaining efficacy and combatting resistance, especially when used as part of a program approach. In wheat, fungicides have shown increasing resistance to Septoria, which can potentially devastate harvests. In banana, the fungal disease black Sigatoka takes a particular toll on the popular Cavendish variety, threatening yields of one of the world’s most valuable crops. Because of the way it works, Inatreq does not demonstrate any cross-resistance with other fungicides used in wheat and banana, giving farmers a new option to protect these two economically and nutritionally important crops. 

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Award-winning Inatreq active contains the first new target site of action in wheat in 15 years.

Inatreq™ active is naturally derived

Inatreq is derived from a natural substance (UK-2A), produced by the fermentation of a naturally occurring bacteria. Through an ingenious single-step change in its chemistry, UK-2A is converted into Inatreq. When it comes into contact with fungal diseases, Inatreq converts back to this natural substance. UK-2A degrades rapidly into inert products minimizing its presence in the environment.

Inatreq™ active works in multiple ways

When applied preventively, this active ingredient waits in the waxy surface of plant leaves until fungus spores contact the leaf surface. Then, it activates to stop spores from establishing. Used in this way, Inatreq can protect plants for up to 4-6 weeks. But sometimes fungal disease spreads undetected. Septoria can infect plants for nearly a month before symptoms are visible. If the fungus is recently established, Inatreq goes to work almost immediately. For Septoria, curative activity lasts up to seven days, preventing the disease from developing further.

Inatreq™ active is effective at low use rates

Compared with other commonly used fungicides, products formulated with Inatreq have much lower active ingredient use rates (a use rate is the amount of an ingredient that is required for it to be effective.) This is especially true in banana. Kyventiq™ fungicide with Inatreq active is effective at just 50 gai/ha, which is approximately 80% lower than the amount of active ingredient used in other fungicides typically applied in this crop. With Inatreq, farmers do not need to put as much active ingredient into the environment to protect their harvests.

Innovations like Inatreq active are the result of Corteva’s commitment to developing effective solutions for farmers that help deliver high-quality food and reduce their environmental footprint. Corteva was honored to have Inatreq recognized by this award, as a symbol of the many ongoing advances that are giving farmers more options for effective and sustainable crop protection. When farmers find the right solution to fight difficult diseases in their crops, that’s a reward we can all share in.

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Kyventiq™ fungicide is not approved for sale or use in all states or countries. Contact your local regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area.