Jemvelva™ active protects crops that drive economies and fill plates

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When we sit down at the table, we rely on access to a variety of fruits and vegetables to help make our meals more nutritious and delicious. Jemvelva™ active (spinetoram) helps protect dozens of fruits and vegetables enjoyed around the world, such as leafy vegetables, melons, grapes and many more. Jemvelva-based products prevent damage from chewing and feeding insects, including species that can be very difficult for farmers to control. Because it has a broad spectrum of efficacy, Jemvelva-based products are also convenient for farmers who produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The characteristics of Jemvelva make it friendly for the environment and for exporting, helping growers meet strict guidelines for issues such as maximum residue limits.

Jemvelva also helps protect other crops that drive important parts of our economy, including corn and cotton. In these crops, Jemvelva controls damaging caterpillars, gives farmers an option against emerging pest threats like thrips and helps reduce issues of developing resistance. Market share for Jemvelva-based products in corn and cotton has tripled in the past three years, as farmers are discovering this ingredient provides both excellent control and a greener option for their fields.

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