Protecting the U.S. from fruit flies for more than 20 years with Qalcova™ active

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Much of the coffee we pour to jump-start our mornings is grown in Guatemala and Mexico. A key crop for these countries, coffee also happens to be the primary host for an extremely damaging pest, the Mediterranean fruit fly. The U.S. Department of Agriculture was concerned about these fruit flies entering the southern U.S., spreading throughout the country and threatening billions of dollars in produce.

The government agency, working in conjunction with the government of Guatemala, tested a number of active ingredients to address the infestation threat. Qalcova™ active (spinosad) was selected because it offered a more favorable environmental profile than similar products on the market. Qalcova was initially used for insect control at the border, but its use has since spread across Guatemala, where it’s used for a number of specialty crops exported the United States, European Union, and other regions. Qalcova continues to be used for fruit fly control at the southern U.S. border – a 21-year uninterrupted record of service — and serves as an example of successful, reliable, and organic pest control for many countries around the world.

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