Qalcova™ Active Controls Fruit Flies in California Cities

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Anyone who’s ever left a bowl of fruit on the counter for a few days too many knows how quickly fruit flies can multiply into a real nuisance. In the 1980s and 1990s, Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly) infestations were repeatedly detected in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. The cities initially controlled populations with nighttime, blanket aerial applications of malathion bait, which had to be sprayed in populated areas. These applications were very unpopular with city residents, and several municipalities filed lawsuits against the state to end them. The cities then resorted to releasing sterile medfly males to control the infestations, but success was limited.

With the introduction of STATIC™ insecticidal bait, California had a new option. STATIC combines an ingredient that attracts medflies with Qalcova™ active (spinosad), which controls the flies and is certified for organic use. Dollups of STATIC are applied to utility poles, light poles and trees in neighborhoods, resulting in highly effective control that is little noticed by residents.

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