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Controlling Oomycetes in Grapes with Zorvec Vinabel™ Fungicide

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Whether you’re popping a cork or popping them right in your mouth, grapes are a delicious treat that’s been enjoyed since the dawn of civilization. Grapes are the world’s third-most-valuable horticulture crop.1 Farmers grow about 25 million metric tons of grapes each year worth nearly $70 billion, with value expected to continue growing over the next several years.2,3

Protecting the potential in a grape crop takes constant work, and growers have to be extra-vigilant against fungal diseases. Grapes need to be treated often throughout the season to keep pathogens like downy mildew at bay. But weather conditions—especially wet weather—can keep farmers from treating their crops in a timely way and leave plants vulnerable to fast-spreading diseases.

Zorvec Vinabel™ fungicide is an option farmers can add to their disease control programs which provides lasting protection. This lets farmers worry less about weather conditions and have more confidence in their ability to produce a beautiful, bountiful crop.

Long-lasting protection, fewer applications

Zorvec™ active, the active ingredient in Zorvec Vinabel, affects a novel target site in oomycete pathogens. Because of how it affects the pathogen life cycle, Zorvec provides better efficacy than many other fungicides currently in use in grapes. These benefits can help farmers be more efficient and profitable while protecting yield and quality.

Zorvec Vinabel is applied no more than two times per crop per season, with first use recommended at the beginning of flowering. A second application can then be made 10 to 14 days later, for up to 28 days of protection. This flexibility keeps crops protected when weather prevents getting out in the field for a weekly fungicide application.

Zorvec Vinabel is also rainfast just 20 minutes after application. This again helps farmers cope with unpredictable weather conditions and also prevents the need to re-treat fields after rains.

Application timing

Zorvec Vinabel should be applied in a block of two preventive applications at an interval of 10 to 14 days. This can provide 28 days of protection at the crop’s most vulnerable stage. No further application is recommended after fruit set.

Reliable results

When applied during the recommended period, Zorvec Vinabel protects plants from oomycetes during a key growth stage. It works systemically, to protect both existing and new plant growth. This improves crop establishment and also keeps diseases in check so that fruit grows with fewer blemishes.

Because of the unique way Zorvec works, this efficacy is possible at very low use rates. For downy mildew control, just 20 grams of active ingredient per hectare applied no more than twice in the season provides optimal control.

Control that lends confidence

Cultivating grapes is a balancing act. Diseases like downy mildew are just one of dozens of concerns farmers must manage, so a product that delivers effectively and consistently can be a game-changer. With Zorvec Vinabel farmers can improve efficiency and shift their focus to other operational needs, confident that their crops are protected from downy mildews, even when conditions in the field aren’t cooperating.

Zorvec Vinabel™ provides excellent efficacy against downy mildew even under high disease pressure

These images show untreated grapes versus grapes that received two applications of Zorvec Vinabel at flowering.4

With downy mildews under control, farmers can harvest more high-quality fruit with the flavor profile and aesthetics consumers, vintners and food chain customers seek. Innovative crop protection solutions like Zorvec Vinabel make it easier for farmers to deliver grapes that reflect the care, attention and pride they put into every crop. Poured in a glass, dried into raisins or eaten fresh from the bunch, these are harvests ripe for our enjoyment.

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Zorvec Vinabel™ fungicide is not registered for sale or use in all countries. This information is not considered an offer for sale. Always read and follow label directions.