Protecting Plants From Oomycete Diseases as They Grow

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Oomycete diseases, or water molds, can challenge fruit and vegetable crops all season long, especially during critical growth periods. Infected plants may not produce fruit that’s as large or as plentiful as a healthy plant. These diseases can also cause blemishes on produce, making harvests less profitable and leading to waste.

Zorvec™ active is a fungicide that helps protect produce plants from oomycete diseases. It protects not only existing plant growth, but new growth, which helps stop the spread of these diseases and facilitates healthy plant establishment. This protection of new plant growth is possible because of the way Zorvec works throughout the plant.

Translaminar movement

leaf graphic
leaf graphic

Zorvec moves through plants to protect existing and new growth from oomycetes. When applied to the top surface of a leaf, Zorvec moves to the other side of the leaf, protecting the underside. This is important for oomycete diseases because spores can start or spread to the undersides of leaves. Zorvec also moves inside the plant. Compared to other systemic fungicide, only a small amount of the active ingredient moves inside the plant, but it’s enough to protect the formation of new growth.

With systemic movement through the plant, Zorvec offers efficient, consistent, long-lasting oomycete control that isn’t washed away by rain.* Zorvec protects treated leaves as they grow and expand, including leaves that are less than 20 percent of their final size at the time of application. Leaves protected by Zorvec appear more uniform, which leads to better crop consistency, yield and quality.

Systemic movement1

            Zortec ActiveTM                                             Untreated
                Upper side of leaf treated
                Underside of leaf inoculated

These photos show the undersides of two leaves. The leaf on the left was treated with Zorvec on the upper side in the area circled. After treatment, the underside of the leaf was exposed to downy mildew. The translaminar movement of Zorvec can be seen in the green, healthy area on the underside of the leaf, moving out toward the leaf tips. The leaf on the right was not treated and was also exposed to downy mildew, which appears as white spores on the underside of the leaf.

Protecting expanding and emerging new growth2

                        During treatment                                        10 days after treatment

     (expanding and emerging growth above tagged leaf)          (fully expanded leaves above tagged leaf)

These photos demonstrate how Zorvec protects new growth in potato plants. Ten days after treatment, the new growth is still green and healthy.

Mold and downy mildew diseases can damage yield potential for crops just as they are entering important stages of growth. Zorvec protects established plant growth to keep these diseases from spreading and protects new leaf growth plants need to fuel their fruiting. With consistent, lasting protection, farmers can give their crops the best chance at reaching their potential for beautiful, bountiful harvests.

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*Zorvec™ active is rainfast within 20 minutes of application.

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