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Blog • 8/29/2019

Welcome Fikru and goodbye Eldoret – Ghulum’s final post from Kenya

I never thought of writing my last blog about working in Eldoret and passing my blogging baton to next fellow because I am afraid of being unfair with this post. It is very difficult for me to transform my sentiments into words.

Blog • 7/30/2019

Now We Don’t Have any Fear of Dry Season

Fodder scarcity is a serious problem for the small-scale farmers of dairy-focused counties in Western Kenya, disturbing feed plans and bringing economic pressure.

Blog • 7/2/2019

Helping Small-Scale Farmers to Improve Milk Production

The dairy sector plays a pivotal role in socio-economic and food security development of small-scale Kenyan farmers. Cattle are perceived as cornucopia in the rural economy.

Blog • 2/27/2019

Corteva Grows Food Security: My Arrival in Kenya

Kenya is a diverse country, filled with beautiful variety of landscapes and wildlife. The culture is equally rich, welcoming expats (visitors) with open arms and cheerful smiles.

Blog • 12/20/2018

Helping to build a sustainable future

Professionals and academics were gathered November 13th, 2019 in the university of Guelph, Ontario to discuss about “agriculture with less: sustainability from farm to fork”.

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