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Blog • 6/25/2019

GMOs: The Biggest Mistake Scientists Made

As biologists, we failed to properly educate the public about genetically modified organisms. So when the seeds of doubt were introduced, they were more powerful than the strong scientific arguments that support GMOs.

Blog • 6/25/2019

What is Plate-Wise?

Sometimes you just need a resource to give you facts. No fluff. When it comes to food, your family’s health is not debatable. We get it. Outside our everyday jobs as scientists and ag advocates, we are parents. In fact, it’s our most important job.

Blog • 5/16/2019

The True Definition of Processed Food

The term processed food suggests neon orange cheese. But some processing methods aren’t as diabolical as you may think.

Blog • 2/27/2019

Corteva Grows Food Security: My Arrival in Kenya

Kenya is a diverse country, filled with beautiful variety of landscapes and wildlife. The culture is equally rich, welcoming expats (visitors) with open arms and cheerful smiles.

Blog • 12/20/2018

Helping to build a sustainable future

Professionals and academics were gathered November 13th, 2019 in the university of Guelph, Ontario to discuss about “agriculture with less: sustainability from farm to fork”.

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