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All over the world, farmers are faced with an unreasonable challenges – do more with less. Grow more food, for more people, more sustainably. On less land, with less water, with less predictable weather.

Sounds impossible, right?

Actually, it's not. Corteva Agriscience helps farmers push what’s possible. Starting with seeds. Decades of research in every seed. Resilient from storm to drought, it’s matched with the field where it’ll yield the most crop. And not just the field. Zoom in? The acre.

Let’s talk data. Our tools help farmers know exactly when, where and how much crop protection to apply. It's science, not guesswork. You’ll still get pests. And weeds. But now they can be targeted with surgical precision.

Built on 200 years of expertise, Corteva is the company farmers turn to to see more, to know more, and to do more — with less.

Brand Feature Story

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