Transforming the Farm

Transforming the Farm

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This little black box can turn our growers into scientists, bring the science right into their field.

We need to learn and understand as much about bees as possible.

Farmers can have access to all the satellite data at a resolution, which is second to none.

Neal Gutterson, Chief Technology Officer: “For many people, change is uncomfortable. It’s a scary word. But for these people, it’s what they live for. Some of the most innovative ideas in the world today are happening right here in agriculture. Corteva has created a team of people dedicated to changing agriculture, and we want to not just experience it, we want to lead that disruption, disrupt ourselves, disrupt the industry. We have some brilliant scientists and technologists working on problems that farmers don’t even know they have yet. We’re designing the future of agriculture by deploying the latest technologies to the farm. We learn fast, we move fast. The really innovative stuff we’re doing includes bee-friendly insecticides and robotics and artificial intelligence and alternative proteins and new satellite imaging tools.”

Rinkal Patel, Senior Technical Manager: “The accuracy and the speed and the resolution at which we get information from either satellites or a drone. It makes decision making extremely powerful.”

Hillary Sullivan, Research Director: “Fingerprinting our plants gives us the ability to understand what’s hitched along for the ride and often that’s a disease. It saves money. It saves time. It saves resources.”

Michael Loso, Crop Protection Discovery: “It’s fun. You get a chance to innovate, you get a chance to create new things, that has some sort of benefit down the road for either growers or consumers. It’s a fun group of scientists to work with.”

We can win for farmers, we can win for the consumer, we can win for the planet. Agriculture can be much better than it is today, and we’re committed to delivering that.

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