Press Release •  8/31/2021

Corteva Expands Agreement with Elemental Enzymes to Deliver Farmers Proven, Innovative Fungicide

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Naturally Derived Peptide Primes Plant’s Defense Against Fungal Diseases

WILMINGTON, Del., and SAINT LOUIS, Mo., Aug. 31, 2021 – Corteva Agriscience and Elemental Enzymes, a life sciences company that develops novel biotechnology and enzymes solutions, announced today they are expanding their multi-year global agreement to include a new biofungicide for a broad range of row crops including soybeans, cereals, corn, oilseeds, rice and sugarcane, as well as turf and ornamental applications.

Through the agreement, Corteva receives an exclusive license to Elemental Enzymes’ patented peptide technology. The novel mode of action uses a naturally occurring 22-amino acid peptide to alert plants to invading pathogens, which primes its immune system and helps the plant protect itself from fungal diseases, such as Asian soybean rust, Cercospora, and wheat head scab.

“Farmers are seeking biological solutions that offer proven, predictable performance,” said Susanne Wasson, President, Crop Protection Business Platforms, Corteva Agriscience. “Working with Elemental Enzymes, we continue expanding on our commitment to help farmers access innovative and proven solutions that complement conventional fungicides, enhance plant resilience and growth under challenging environmental conditions, and help keep crops productive and healthy.”

Corteva will offer the technology as part of its biologicals portfolio under the brand name Holzem™ biofungicide and be positioned as complementary to its leading fungicides solutions. Pending applicable registrations, Corteva anticipates the global launch of Holzem™ biofungicide to begin in Latin America in 2022 and the United States in 2023.

"We are excited to continue our work with Corteva Agriscience to deliver a novel biofungicide that combats destructive row crop diseases across a broad range of crops and geographies. Elemental Enzymes is dedicated to developing highly effective new technologies for sustainable agriculture that address numerous grower challenges across the globe," said Brian Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Elemental Enzymes.

Corteva’s model for developing its best-in-class biologicals portfolio combines external innovation, R&D collaboration, licensing, and distribution. This agreement shows how Corteva collaborates with leading companies to accelerate commercializing customer-centered innovations. Holzem™ biofungicide offers an additional mode of action to help manage residue levels in crops, delay pest resistance to conventional single-site fungicides and enhance yield potential and sustainability, in line with the Corteva Agriscience 2030 Sustainability Goals.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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Elemental Enzymes, a St. Louis based company, is catalyzing the future of agriculture with innovative, cross-disciplinary scientific solutions to complex problems impacting growers today. Elemental Enzymes creates patented enzymes, peptides and biochemical solutions that improve nutrient uptake, water management and water use efficiency, plant health and yield, as well as disease protection. For more information, visit

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