Charles Peeters, Brazil

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Nominated by Pedro Freitas, EMBRAPA

Charles_Peeters“Every year we face challenges to maintain the evolution of our farming and livestock activities, but we always search for ways to mature as farmers and find the best way to achieve a sustainable and climate positive agriculture.”

Climate Positive Practices

Charles Peeters is a farmer in Montividiu, Goiás State, Brazil who uses no-till with a plant nutrient and soil coverage management system for rotational soybeans, corn and cattle. For the past 31 years, Charles has implemented zero tillage on his entire operation conserving at least 10 tons of dry matter over the soil, protecting soil biological activity and biodiversity, and mitigating water erosion. Every year, he has diversified cover crops, looking for more options for livestock feed and biological inputs to achieve healthier and more resilient soil against fungi and diseases such as nematodes.

As a result of his climate positive practices, he has seen a 20 percent increase in yield and profitability, as well as greater yield stability during drier years, with higher water retention in the soil, and deeper diversity of roots and microorganisms.

Sharing His Experiences