What Matters Most to Emily Elowsky, Ally Extraordinaire

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I have never been more impressed, optimistic, or proud of a company regarding inclusion and diversity efforts and successes. Corteva has served as an example and measuring stick for others to consider when looking at their career paths.

“We are normalizing acceptance of ALL people and I think that matters everywhere in the world.”

Emily Elowsky, Administrative Assistant

Emily’s story

How does Corteva celebrate your community and culture?

I see the announcements regarding recognition for Women in different fields within our Global company. I am an ally and mother of two children who are in the LGBTIA community and feel Corteva is very supportive and accepting of those who are. I have seen this in action with the Lunch-n-Learns), Pride week, and even the Zoom backgrounds; not to mention the links and information that are shared in the Business Resource Group’s postings.

What matters most to you about advancing ID&E in agriculture?

The transparency that we ARE a company that publicly supports all groups  (via social media, awards we are a part of, or give and by standing by those we say we do (like signing the Business Statement for Transgender Equality). We are normalizing acceptance of ALL people and I think that matters everywhere in the world. We are celebrating women scientists, we are offering respect for people transitioning, we are empowering people to celebrate their culture and ethnicity – and we’re doing all of this without shaming or marginalizing other groups. I feel those who may have had prejudices will start to see it’s not ‘us vs them.’ They just start seeing people which leads to collaboration and (in my opinion) greater levels of success!

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“Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. These three elements combine to create a true sense of belonging – a feeling that occurs when each person feels able to bring their full self to work, contribute to their fullest potential, and thrive.”

— Meghan Cassidy, SVP, Senior Advisor to the CEO