Disease Management l Fungicides

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Disease management

Fungicides help prevent or cure fungal diseases, which are the number one cause of crop loss worldwide. Corteva produces a range of fungicides to address this.

Crops We Serve

With products in diverse markets and geographies, Corteva fungicides can help address fungal diseases in:

Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and Vegetables
Potatoes Potatoes
Corn Corn
Soybeans Soybeans
Cereals Cereals
Rice Rice

Leading Technologies

Corteva’s diverse pipeline of active ingredients can help farmers to prevent or cure fungal diseases.

Adavelt Inatreq Zorvec

Adavelt™ Active

A new fungicide inspired by nature.

Learn more about Adavelt™ Active
Adavelt Inatreq Zorvec

Inatreq™ Active

A new active ingredient for cereal crop disease control

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Adavelt Inatreq Zorvec

Zorvec™ Active

Disease control for specialty crops

Learn more about Zorvec™ Active