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Helping Farmers Yield Seasons of Success

Watching fruit and vegetable crops grow is truly a wonder. Fields can change seemingly overnight: Canopies form, vines unfurl, blossoms open. Soon, a rainbow of nutritious, ripe food appears, ready to fill our plates and bowls.

Of course, farmers know that raising these crops successfully takes constant vigilance and protection. As plants grow and develop, they are threatened by many factors, one of the most important of which is fungal disease, which can result in smaller, lower-quality harvests, and in some cases, no harvest at all.

Protecting crops from disease helps ensure success for farms and access to the fresh fruits and vegetables we all rely on. Zorvec active provides a special combination of consistency and control that is unmatched by other fungicides, so farmers can better manage their crops to improve yield and quality, for richer, more bountiful harvests.

Preventive Protection

Zorvec active works against a specific category of fungi known as oomycetes, or water molds. Oomycetes spread by producing zoospores that can swim across a thin layer of water on a leaf, looking for the perfect spot to settle and attach themselves. The names of water mold-based diseases tell you just how damaging they can be: blight, damping-off and root rot—to name a few. Zorvec prevents oomycete diseases by stopping sporangia and zoospores from germinating. When used strategically during specific growth stages, this active ingredient helps keep plants healthier and more productive.

First in Its Class

Zorvec active is the first active ingredient of its kind—a member of a novel class of fungicides that control diseases caused by oomycetes. Its biochemical mode of action works on a new target site, attacking these fungal diseases at every stage of their development. It also works inside plants to protect new growth. As leaves unfurl and vines stretch out, Zorvec continues protecting the plant.

Satisfying Success

With its outstanding efficacy and long-lasting, consistent results, Zorvec™ active is changing how farmers control fungal diseases and protect their high-value crops. Because Zorvec has a very low use rate, farmers can simplify their crop management practices. Products containing this active ingredient don’t have to be applied as often, and farmers can rest easy knowing their crops will be protected from oomycetes for longer. Innovative active ingredients like Zorvec are changing opportunities for farmers, too, helping them yield more from their acres and command the best prices for their high-quality produce.

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What Makes Zorvec™ Active Unique?

Read the Technical Bulletin to learn more about how Zorvec active is changing the way farmers protect high-value fruits and vegetables.

Consistent, lasting disease control

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Zorvec provides an unmatched combination of consistency and control of oomycete diseases. It’s rainfast within 20 minutes of application and in potato, protection lasts up to 10 days. With added flexibility and excellent disease control, Zorvec helps farmers produce beautiful crops they can be proud of.

Protecting new growth

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Once absorbed into the leaves, Zorvec works systemically, continuing to offer protection from oomycetes as it moves through the plant. Only a very small amount of the active ingredient gets inside the plant, but it’s enough to protect new growth for better crop establishment. Zorvec also protects treated leaves as they grow and expand, and new leaves as they emerge and grow.

Remarkably low use rates

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Many fungicides commonly used in fruit and vegetable crops have use rates that are measured in hundreds of grams, sometimes even in kilograms, per hectare. In comparison, the use rate for Zorvec is just 12-20 grams per hectare. Products containing this active ingredient are typically applied only two times per season.* With Zorvec, farmers can use fewer resources to protect their crops from oomycetes.

Achieving a Better Crop Every Season

Zorvec active helps farmers grow beautiful, healthy crops that appeal to commercial and consumer buyers across the food chain. By protecting high-value fruits and vegetables from costly from oomycetes, farmers can produce more and better harvests in a way that’s both profitable and sustainable.

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Growing More with Fewer Resources

Corteva Agriscience crop protection innovation is focused on enabling farmers to grow more of the fruits, vegetables and grains our world depends on while maintaining a successful farm operation and caring for the planet. Zorvec active embodies these goals, providing a well- rounded solution to oomycete challenges. It has incredibly low use rates—just a fraction of what other commonly used fungicides require. With Zorvec, farmers can produce more and higher- quality crops that contribute to a successful, sustainable farming future.

Our Innovation

*Always read and follow label directions and use products in accordance with local regulatory guidelines.

Zorvec active has many characteristics that contribute to Corteva’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture.