Meet Our People

With so much confusion around food, our bloggers have the industry knowledge — and experiences — to offer parents reliable insights and clarity for their daily food decisions.

Let’s Break the Ice

Our bloggers are more than science-minded professionals. They are busy parents (of kids and pets!) who just want the best for their familes. Read our bloggers’ bios to learn more about who they are and what knowledge they are passing on!

David Pinzon


Father, scientist and GMO educator.

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Bridgette Readel

Bridgette Readel

Mother, marketer, gardener and mentor.

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Magui de la Torre

Magui de la Torre Headshot

Adventurer, marketer and outdoors enthusiast.

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Karen Deane

Karen Deane

Mother, marketer, runner and hiker.

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Stephanie Burton

Stephanie Burton

Mother, regulatory affairs leader and agriculture expert.

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Bethany McIntyre

Bethany McIntyre

Mother, marketer and agriculture expert.

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Holly Loucas

Holly Loucas

Mother, scientist and researcher.

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Ashley Traves


Mother, educator, foodie and researcher.

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Frank Röber

Frank Röber

Scientist, home cook and wine enthusiast.

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Jeanne Tuttle

Jeanne Tuttle

Runner, marketer and podcast enthusiast.

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Wendy Srnic

Wendy Srnic

Mom, scientist and gardener.

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May Meere

may-meere photo

Traveller, foodie and fashionista.

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Mandy Wiley

Mandy Wiley

Strategist, dog-mum and dancer.

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Margaret Hentz

Healthy Soups

Librarian, gardener and bicyclist.

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Roger Theisen

Roger Theisen bio image

Outdoorsman, gardener and golfer.

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Dr. Magan Lewis

Dr. Magan Lewis standing by a wall wearing sunglasses

Mom, scientist and STEM fanatic.

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Michelle Sandbulte

Michelle Sandbulte headshot

Mom, weightlifter and storyteller.

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