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Plate-Wise offers insight on today’s leading food topics so you can make informed decisions for your family’s health.



What is Plate-Wise? Real Food Talk

Sometimes you just need a resource to give you the facts — no fluff. Especially when it comes to food, because your family’s health is not up for debate.

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We’re not here to convince you that certain foods are good or bad for you. We’re here to equip you with information, so that you can answer the questions you have about food for yourself.

The Download on Organic Food

The Download on Organic Food

What to know about your food and pests, impurities and bacteria: learn the difference between organic and regular food. 

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Processed Food

True Definition, Processed Food

The term processed food suggests neon orange cheese. But processing methods aren’t as diabolical as you may think.

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Shopping Tips for Healthy Eating

Shopping Tips for Healthy Eating

Stretch your grocery budget while eating more fresh fruits and veggies for less with these two shopping hacks.

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Meet Our People

Real people. Real talk. No, really.

Food may be a basic human need, but the concerns surrounding it are far from simple. That’s where Plate-Wise comes in. Our writers are scientists, chefs, agriculture professionals, advocates for food science, farmers and more. But more than that, they are parents navigating the world of food just like you are. Today more than ever, separating food facts from hype is not easy. The people of Plate-Wise are here to help.

David Pinzon


David grew up in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Canada in 2009 with his wife to study for a PhD at the University of Alberta. They had their second child in May 2018.

“It is a constant learning to find out what’s the best for them, that’s why being able to share my science knowledge and experience with other parents is gratifying.” David dedicated 12 years of his life to become a scientist. “Learning science is probably simpler than knowing what’s best for my kids, so I understand how it feels being exposed to so much conflicting information.” David’s priority is always do what’s best for his daughters. “I have the pleasure to see the huge amount of scientific support needed to prove GMOs and pesticides are safe for humans and the environment, so I can pass along my knowledge to those that are eager to learn.”

Bridgette Readel


Bridgette is passionate about her family and a dedicated agriculturalist. She is a 1996 graduate of North Dakota State University and has been a sales rep and market development specialist at Corteva Agriscience for 22 years supporting North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and part of Minnesota. Bridgette also is an avid gardener, community volunteer and mentor to others in agriculture.

Magui de la Torre


Magui is Corteva’s Digital Marketing Lead for Australia and New Zealand. Originally from Argentina, as her photo reveals, Magui enjoys doing anything outdoors – from rock climbing and surfing to camping and hiking.