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Sometimes you just need a resource to give you the facts. Especially when it comes to food, because your family’s health is not up for debate.

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We’re not here to convince you that certain foods are good or bad for you. We’re here to equip you with information, so that you can answer the questions you have about food for yourself.

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Leftover Luxe: Food Upcycling

What if there was a way to make our leftovers tasty, but also reuse them for greater abundance?

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Baby Spinach in a bag

Balancing Processed And Fresh

Read tips on how to incorporate fresh foods with processed for more balanced meals.

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Assortment of fruits and veggies, with the veggies being shown as a side view having some under ground.

How to Compost Your Garden

Turn this year’s fading garden into next year’s soil and fertilizer by composting your garden.

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An apple with a stencil drawing over it that depicts the apple as a superhero with a mask and cape.

How to Explain GMOs to Kids

Kids are curious. Help them better understand the food on their plates with this clever tale about superheroes and villains.

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Real people. Real talk. No, really.

Food may be a basic human need, but the concerns surrounding it are far from simple. That’s where Plate-Wise comes in. Our writers are scientists, chefs, agriculture professionals, advocates for food science, farmers and more. But more than that, they are parents navigating the world of food just like you are. Today more than ever, separating food facts from hype is not easy. The people of Plate-Wise are here to help.

Wendy Srnic

Image of Wendy Srnic.

Wendy earned her bachelor's degree in crop and soil science from Michigan State University, a master's degree in weed science from Virginia Tech University and a doctorate in crop science from North Carolina State University. Her passion for agricultural research developed while growing up on her family’s farm.

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David Pinzon

Image of David Pinzon.

David grew up in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Canada in 2009 with his wife to study for a PhD at the University of Alberta. They had their second child in May 2018. David dedicated 12 years of his life to become a scientist, and his priority is always to do what’s best for his daughters.

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Holly Loucas

Image of Holly Loucas.

Holly is a married mom of two. She lives in Paris, Ontario, and is open about feeding her kids GMOs. Holly worked in molecular biology and plant physiology research for over 10 years. She is now a customer agronomist in southern Ontario helping farmers grow better, healthier, higher-yielding crops.  

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“As the wife of a conventional (aka nonorganic) farmer, I’m also interested in learning more about conventional and organic farming to ensure I am making the right choices for my family.”

— Beth McIntyre from the article “3 Things You Didn’t Know About Organic Food”

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